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Los Lemons

This music is the solo work of Victor Gomez under the name Acid Jam:

Los Lemons music coming soon!

A band from Angola, Indiana and the epitome of raw talent and simplicity- no nonsense. You can find them on Soundcloud where their bio says “just guys being dudes”. They have instrumentals that are my favorites because the guitar in them is amazing (Pool, Slow Down, Sunday Morning Jam, untitled 1, and Lurch).

Track by track breakdown:

Lurch– This short tune begins with some low bass and does a really cool job of incorporating a sick electric riff and tambourine.

Slow Down– This song reminds me a lot of The Growlers melodic style (specifically in ‘Love Test’). My favorite lyric is “Taking all your time, such a perfect crime cause you sit and wonder why you feel so down, oh baby just slow down.”

Pool– This track again reminds me 100% of “Hiding Under The Covers” by The Growlers off of their ‘Gilded Pleasures’ album.

Worried Mind (demo)– This track speeds up the vibe of the EP a ton. My favorite lyric in this song is “I got a worried mind that takes up all my time.”

Sunday Morning Jam– I might have to say that this is my favorite tune off of the EP. I’m a sucker for a really really good guitar instrumental.

No Job Blues–  These lyrics speak for themselves: “Don’t know where I’m goin’, don’t know where I’ve been, don’t tell my mother I sin. I’m fighting this battle but I don’t think that I’m gonna win. Don’t worry about me, I’d rather get high, no I wouldn’t lie, you see, those people they bore me cause all they do is talk of themselves.”

untitled 1–  This tune is a sick interlude to put toward the end of an album. It slows things down a bit and sounds like a reflection on all the others. Not to mention, it’s ANOTHER beautiful guitar instrumental.

Luna Azul– This tune has a slow 50s vibe to it and reminds me of Summer Salt’s “Sweet To Me”.

Check out the EP right here:

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Short Stuff on Sick Sounds

Cosmo Pyke

A total mix of some of my favorite artists- Kurt Vile, Mac Demarco, HOMESHAKE, and Frank Ocean, this 18-year old multi-instrumentalist out of Peckham, London is just a regular kid that skates, paints, makes cool music, and has absolutely blown my mind with his eclectic mix of indie and r&b. His voice, hip urban style, and lyrical influences are 100% unique to him. The biggest thing that I look for when listening to new artists are original lyrics that aren’t cliche or heard before and Cosmo Pyke brings something new to the table in all of his tunes. If you wanna hear some groovy stuff listen to the tracks below:

Favorite Tunes off of ‘Just Cosmo’

Track #2- Chronic Sunshine

Track #4- Social Sites

Track #5- Great Dane

In an interview with Independent UK, Cosmo mentioned that he grew up listening to reggae, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Dylan, and Micheal Jackson (you can really hear the reggae influence in Chronic Sunshine). Just from listening to his music and interview, you know that the things that influence his writing are completely genuine and real.

Cool Fact: He sampled his mom and a clip from “Just William” that reminds him of his childhood on the track ‘Great Dane’ on his EP.

Photo by Hunger TV


Cosmo Pyke on Soundlcoud:

Music Video for Chronic Sunshine:

Cover Photo by Notics Magazine.

Hope ya enjoyed some rambling on a cool dude, see ya soon.