Bands, Beer, Bottom of the Hill

On Friday, December 16th, I went to my favorite music venue in Potrero Hills, San Francisco and saw three local bands who are extremely talented, gave a super energized show and drank a ton of beer. It’s sick to see that local indie bands and the community surrounding them are still very prominent in the Bay Area and recognized by the best little hole-in-the-wall venues the city has to offer.

First off: Bear Call

This group was formed by Skylar Warren, born and raised in California, and began as a solo musician but soon gained the rest of his band when he was living in Seattle for a year after high school. As most of us do, he thought that Seattle’s late 80s to 90s grungey garage rock music scene was still alive and well but instead he discovered that the Nirvana wannabes were replaced with mostly mellow singer-songwriters and that is definitely the opposite of what he wanted his band to be. The name formed during a roadtrip with friends and captures a California inspiration (hence the Bear in Bear Call). The perfect mixture of angst, loud guitar, and rolled up jeans.

Bear Call by me

Next: Tino Drima

This six-piece band out of San Francisco includes members from the bands Spooky Mansion, O, and French Cassettes but they kick the single genre wall down by creating their own unique one. The only way to truly describe this music is 50s doo wap and futuristic psych-garage rock. Make sense? No? Listen to them and you’ll understand. Adding to the crowd they drew, I felt like I totally took a trip to some Twilight Zone dimension in the best way possible. A mix of a 90s MTV live performace and if there was a super cool score to the Star Trek movies that existed, this band would create it. Gregory DiMartino may be the tallest person I’ve ever seen on a stage and can sing acapella good enough to blow your socks off.

Tino Drima by me

Ending the night: Spooky Mansion

My favorite to listen to on Spotify and really funky outfit choices to match the vocals, this band is also from San Francisco. Grayson Converse leads this four-piece into one of those optical illusion psychedelic twirly tunnels (can you picture what I’m talking about?). What I mean by this is that the flowing tune of the guitar along with the flamboyant lead vocals and vehement drums lead the tracks from groovy soul in “Disco B!tch” and “Gone Too Far” to surf rock in “Ronnie Nimbo” to flirty loose string sounds in “Crisis Mode“. When a band is this diverse within the same genre, you can tell that they’re not only talented musicians, but have a keen ear for switching sounds while staying consistent with their vibe.

Spooky Mansion by me

Thanks for readin’, see ya soon.

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