The Artist’s High

WARHOL! They did it again and this album is definitely my most recent favorite. leftsideswarhol

If you like surf rock, you like Acid Ghost and if you like Acid Ghost, you love Warhol. The band says this album was inspired by the following artists:

  • Jenny Hval
  • Frank Ocean

  • French New Wave Films

  • Jean-Luc Godard

  • VU’s White Light Album

  • Is The Is Are

  • Sandy Kim

  • Francesca Woodman

  • Andy Warhol

This masterpiece was released on September 9, 2016 (kinda late writing this) and was written and produced by Ace Barcelon with the exception of “Life” written by Jessica Mayuga, “Solitude” written by the drummer Mikey Mendoza and the cover of “Henry ” by Soccer Mommy. []

The album is extremely truthful which makes me love it even more. It delves into the honest souls of the band when it touches on intense experiences of rehab and drug use, being kicked out of school, and struggles with trust while portraying themselves artistically. In an interview with Ace for Atwood Magazine, he speaks about how a part of him feared being so upfront and blunt when it came to songwriting. Especially given that Mikey was away during the writing of the album, so it was a lot of him alone with his thoughts and wrote them all down just like that.

“Yes, a bit. You know, everyone is hearing my story but I think that’s what music is for for me, I guess, to put my ideas out there. I would say, yeah I was scared at first, but I got used to the idea of people listening to my story.” – Ace Barcelon

He also touches on the biggest inspiration for the album, given the title, “Warhol”. The first track, “Life” is a 53 second interview with Warhol which really captures the entire idea behind this album. It is the struggle  that every artist has. The struggle of what the artist wants their art to portray versus the idea the public creates themselves. But in a way, that’s the beauty of art I think; each person interprets art in a certain way according to their own lives. It effects everyone differently.

“I was reading an Andy Warhol biography and I was just inspired by his story, his views on art. I just wanted to have a title that would be pretty blunt and out there, and I wanted something attention-grabbing too. I thought it would be a good title.”- Ace Barcelon

Andy Warhol by Sunday B. Morning
Handwritten Track List


Mikey and Ace

San Francisco was also a huge inspiration behind this piece given that they’re SF locals so that vibe is definitely grounded in each tune and they named a track “Downtown Sf”.

The lyrics of this album are super poetic, the ones that stuck out to me the most are:

(My favorite tune) Track #2- The Artists High“can you tell me how it feels to be alive?”

Track #6- Mistakes“I’ve been searchin’ and I’ve been wondering”

Track #7- Letterslet’s go gaze at stars, tell me which one shines the most”

Track #12- Not the Same Personlife takes its place”

Track #13- Vulnerable“and paint the world through my eyes”

This is one of those  albums where the words can be so intense yet have a really feel good tune over them. When an artist’s music hits on certain emotions and nerves, thats when you know that it’s good music. All music should make you feel something. It should inspire you, encourage you to step out of the box, tap into your own artistic side. Thats what this band and especially this album does for me.

Take a listen and until next time, thanks for reading.

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